Study with determine UNA athletics future


FLORENCE — On the day six Arkansas and three Oklahoma schools announced intentions to petition the NCAA to form a new Division II athletic conference, University of North Alabama officials took another step closer to moving to Division I.

At their yearly retreat Monday, the board of trustees agreed to have university President William Cale and other school officials put together a comprehensive business plan detailing the feasibility of moving from Division II to Division I. They want the plan completed in time for the Sept. 10 board meeting.

The purpose of the plan will be to develop an idea of the cost associated with the move, understand the benchmarks the university would have to meet to see the move happen and determine community support, according to President Pro Tem Steve Pierce.

“There’s been a lot of misinformation about this,” he said. “The facts need to be brought to the board to make an educated decision. The key to being successful in this is to have a plan. We need direction and specifics in order to move forward.”

The board of trustees could vote at that time whether to proceed with the next step of applying to the NCAA for permission to move to Division I or explore other options, such as remaining in Division II.

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