Outline of transition to DI

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UNA’s transition to Division I is more than a move up for Lion athletics. It’s part of a comprehensive UNA vision of excellence and growth.

UNA will be a busy place the next few years, but not just because of the Division I transition. UNA will also move forward with the construction of a new science and technology center, a new academic center and student commons, and the opening our new black-box theatre, which is already under construction. We’ll renovate and upgrade our student living facilities to make this campus the best home away from home possible. Academic resources campus-wide will be put toward the achievement of top-tier, premier-level marks of distinction. And while all this is going on, the university will begin a strategic enrollment growth plan, designed to continue the staggering growth the university has experienced in the past six years (from fewer than 5,000 students to more than 7,000).

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